WORD Article – September 2018

Hello, Brethren. I am greatly honored to have been elected Worshipful Master of our Lodge. I plan to give my best effort and ability to this endeavor. I want to thank WM Doug Russell, under whom I learned many useful things about being a Master. And I want to start by sharing with all of you three main themes that I would like to develop in our Lodge during this year.

First, the Lodge is an Oasis of Peace and Fellowship.
We are all Brothers and should meet, act and part as such. Attending the Lodge is something to look forward to—not a punishment. An environment of respect and collegiality is necessary if we want to achieve it. Bickering should be left at the door. We will have inexpensive meals either before or after sessions. Officers will take turns preparing them. Your Master will cook for our first Lodge meeting, the Official Visit, which will be on September 17. Hopefully, such activities will help increase Lodge attendance.

Secondly, Lodge sessions will end by 10 p.m. at latest.
Many Brothers have problems with our sessions ending later, as we have to wake up early to go to work, or our significant others do. Arriving home late is not conducive to creating a home-support atmosphere. This hurts Lodge attendance and perhaps leads to leaving the Lodge. This is especially crucial during Degree work. Degrees will end by 10:30 at the latest. We have already changed our By-Laws to start earlier on Degree nights and make this possible.

Thirdly, we come to Lodge to do Masonry.
Hence, every session will include some form of instruction: a program or a short presentation or reading.

And to enable the participation of our newly Initiated Brothers, the Lodge will be lowered to the First, and then Second Degree as these Brothers progress in Masonry. This year we will have only one round of Degrees, two months apart, starting in December. Such an interval between Degrees allows our new Brothers the time to assimilate and learn the concepts and the information received in the Degrees.

On October 1, to honor our Veterans and Sojourners, we will have an open meeting with a catered dinner. Our Keynote Speaker will be RW John Fuller.

I want to end by inviting all our Lodge Brothers to contact me with their ideas, suggestions, criticisms, etc. And come to Lodge, join a committee and participate actively in our work.

Jorge Romeu

Congratulations to Our 2018-2019 Line

Worshipful Master – W.’. Jorge L. Romeu
Senior Warden – W.’. Timothy S. Hansen
Junior Warden – Bro. James D. Colditz
Secretary – R.’. W.’. Gary L. Heinmiller
Treasurer – R.’. W.’. Ralph I. Haney Jr.
Senior Deacon – Bro. Rainer D. Grimme
Junior Deacon – Bro. Brian R. McGee
Senior Master of Ceremonies – Bro. Christopher P Collins
Junior Master of Ceremonies – Bro. Alan L. Barth
Steward – Bro. David H. Carleo
Steward – Bro. Sean P. Carleo
Chaplain – W.’. William C. Schueltz
Marshal – Bro. James M. Santy Jr.
Tiler – Bro. Russell C. Beckwith
Organist – Bro. Douglas A. Campbell
Lodge Historian – R.’. W.’. Gary L. Heinmiller
Overseers of the Work
R.’. W.’. William Vassily
W.’. Robert Bowles
Bro. Lee Wiggins, DSA

October 2016 Word Article

This Fall will be a good time to become involved with our Lodge. We will host an official visit for DDGM RW William Toth on Oct. 17th. Then our next meeting, Nov 7th, we will be inducting several candidates as Entered Apprentices. Our second meeting in December will be our annual Christmas Party on the 19th. All are welcome. Stay tuned for more info in The Word and if you haven’t been receiving emails from our Lodge Secretary, please contact me at geoff_2007@verizon.net.

Additionally, before each Lodge meeting, I want all officers to meet in the Lamb Lounge downstairs at 7pm. These will be simple discussions to be sure we remain on track.

One final point of correction to last month’s Word article: the open V&S Dinner should read as Oct. 3rd.

Thanks and keep up that good Masonic Attitude.

W. Geoffrey Linehan
Worshipful Master
Liverpool-Syracuse Lodge# 501

September 2016 Word Article

Greetings Brethren,

Welcome back. I am grateful to have earned the confidence of my fellow
Masons to be elected Worshipful Master. This year will focus on
education and uncovering the deeper elements of Freemasonry. Our first
meeting will be Sept. 19.

We’ve remained active during the summer. Each Monday evening, during the
park concerts, we’ve begun selling funnel cakes with some success.

Oct. 5th will be our Veterans and Sojourners Dinner with RW Richard
Morley (Senior GW) as the guest of honor. Mark this on your calendars
because he is from Central NY and in line to become the Grand Master for
New York. We’ll be gathering at 6pm and begin dining at 6:30.

The new Northstar program has garnered some eager candidates, so the
Trestle Board agenda for Oct and Nov will likely be switched until the
Spring, making room for our three degrees.

Then Dec. 5th, come show support for our official visit by VW William
Toth (Onon District AGL).

As we gear up for this year, check out this Operative Mason’s Wage
Statement (circa 1400) I discovered at

Let’s also speculate on the future of Masonry: What is our role in the
21st century?

W. Geoffrey Linehan
Worshipful Master
Liverpool-Syracuse Lodge# 501

October 2014 Word Article

First off, I’d like to thank my Senior Warden Norm Kruth for stepping up and being the Master of the Lodge while my wife and I were on vacation at the ocean. It’s my understanding that everything went well.

The Veterans and Sojourners program will be October 6. All are welcome. Cocktails will be at 6 p.m. and dinner is at 7 p.m. The meeting will follow; our guest speaker for the evening will be RW Charles Catapano, Grand Treasurer.

Up-and-coming in the year we will have a Thanksgiving dinner on Monday, November 17, mostly to say thanks to the ladies who support us. Social hour begins at 6 p.m., dinner is at 7 and the meeting follows.

I have a very exciting year planned for us. And that includes any Brother who would like to visit Liverpool Lodge.

See you from the East.

Bill Schuetz

June 2014 Word Article

Greeting Brothers!

My tenure as Master is wrapping up and the lodge I can say is in great hands for next year. It has been a true privilege for me to represent and serve the lodge this year. I hope that our Brothers to have attended meetings this year derived some pleasure and satisfaction from the increased educational programs and after lodge fellowship. I know that I have, and I plan on participating next year as well. Our recently raised Master Masons are already placing themselves as integral members if the lodge.

As I have mentioned before the response to Brother Jorge’s new Question Box has been great. One of the questions which seems rather simple is “What makes you a master Mason”. While it seems on the surface as simple as “my obligation,” during our meeting we had several brothers share their thoughts and experiences. The answers we came up with were awesome! In the end we found that we had to look no further than the Brothers around us that work so hard to keep our fraternity what it is. Especially our treasured DSA’s. Being a true Master Mason is found in your actions.

Stay well Brothers!
W.: Christian Woodhead

May 2014 Word Article


Spring is here! Our lodge raised 5 new Brothers this month to the Sublime degree of Master Mason. We had a wonderful program by our very own VW.: Norm Kruth as well. I cannot tell you how privileged we are to have such an amazing array of knowledgeable and skilled Brothers, whose talents we constantly draw upon. Our focus this year has been on Masonic Education and Brotherhood. Both of which we have seen blossom this year. We have a new program ( conceived by our newly affiliated Brother Jorge Romeau) that has anyone with a question place it in a box outside the lodge, then we all try to answer it in lodge. The Easter egg hunt was a huge success this year, with a special thanks to W.: William Schuetz for organizing it. The children including my own three year old daughter loved it! I look forward to more fellowship and Masonic work with all of my Brothers as we look to wrap this year up.

W.: Christian Woodhead

April 2014 Word Article

Greetings from the east at Liverpool/Syracuse Lodge #501.

We enjoyed a great month of March as we put on a stellar second degree! I am proud of the level of participation that we are seeing from our newly raised brothers. Not to mention the quality of their ritual. We are looking forward to the better weather of spring! Please keep in mind our annual Easter egg hunt the on April 19th. Bring your kids to this fantastic event! The same day we are hosting a boating safety certification course taught by none other than our own Bro. Michael Hoff. If you need this course or are otherwise interested please contact out lodge for more information. As in years past, our lodge plans to participate in the annual Memorial Day parade on May 26th at 9:00 am. Please arrive at Johnson park if you want to join us. Thanks to all our officers and brethren, and all their hard work as we start to wrap up another fantastic year.

Christian Woodhead, Master

March 2014 Word Article

Brothers, greetings from the East.

We are very fortunate to have one of our beloved Lodge members, the RW James McNeal, District Deputy Grand Lodge Master, present in out Lodge for our Official Visit. I am sure I am not alone in being blown away by an amazing dinner catered by Richard Nuhn, whom never fails to impress. A special thanks goes to the Triangle Girls who made the night very special.

Our Lodge has always been dedicated to Masonic Education, as evidenced by no less than twenty-four awards being presented by another one of our favorite visitors, the RW Edward J. Sinay Jr., Grand Steward of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York. I am very proud of the dedication that our lodge has displayed towards Masonic Education and the work that our Brothers have put toward the Craft.

We had a good introduction concordant bodies at our meeting on Monday, February 17. We will have the Second Degree on Monday, March 3. Come join us.

Christian H. Woodhead

February 2014 Word Article

Happy New Year from your brothers at Liverpool-Syracuse #501!

While we are enduring a frozen wonderland outside, inside the lodge we are starting to do more and more educational programs. We are lucky to have such an eclectic group of experienced and knowledgeable brothers at our lodge. Bro. Geoff Linehan gave a fantastic presentation on the Kabbalah (“tree of life”) and Masonry. Next month we are looking forward to an “introduction to concordant bodies” presentation by our venerable Chaplain the V.’.W.’. Norm Kruth. Our lodge is very fortunate to have many distinguished brothers that are very involved in the higher levels of these bodies. We look forward to hearing from them as well. This should be of particular interest to the newly raised, and any other brother who wishes to learn more. Jan 20th we put on another fantastic first degree, as always we welcome brothers to participate in our rituals or to join us for fellowship. I would like to thank all the brothers that helped me get through this year so far, and to all a happy and prosperous 2014 to you and your families.

Christian Woodhead