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Liverpool Syracuse Lodge No. 501 Worshipful Master Douglas Russell

Reservation Protocol

Want to Reserve the Lodge for your Event?

In order to insure a fast an accurate response, please follow the below instructions for requesting the use of the lodge building for your event.

  1. Go to our Web site http:\\www.syracusemasons.com and click the button 'Calendar'

  2. Check to see if your days are available.

  3. At the top of the calendar or below click the reserve email link.


  4. Summit a back up day just in case your day has been requested before it was posted. You group name, the contact name and phone number and why you want to use the building. Your date will be reserved and a email will be sent out. Check back to the calendar to see if your day is reserved after you get a reply to your email.

There will be no return call or response by email if the above protocol is not followed.