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Liverpool Syracuse Lodge No. 501 Worshipful Master Douglas Russell

The Word Article Oct. 2009 by Mark Flemming

Greetings from the east my brothers. This is a very exciting time for our Lodge as we will be kicking off new programs and tools to provide information, which will position us for success in the coming year and beyond.Read more

The Word Sept. 2009 Article by Mark Flemming

Greetings from the east my brothers. First and foremost I would like to extend to you my gratitude for allowing me to serve the craft as your Worshipful for the ensuing year. It is indeed and honor and a challenge, both of which I welcome.Read more

DeMolay & Acacia Meet at Liverpool Lodge

Liverpool Syracuse Lodge No.501, the Friendly Lodge, is on the move once again. Under current and past leadership the Friendly Lodge has instituted the much needed, timeless practices of Free Masonry within the walls at the Lodge in the beautiful village of Liverpool, NY.

Looking at the Lodge Calendar you will see the many activities going on within the walls of the Lodge. Not just Masonic, but social and community activities as well. Fraternities provide men with many areas of development, through leadership, community service/philanthropy, academics, as well as social interaction.Read more

Freemasonry for Dummies

Review by Bro. Bil Vassily, Past Master, Liverpool Syracuse Lodge #501, Grand Lodge of New York used here by permission of Bro. Vassily.

Having been a member of the Masonic fraternity for more than forty years, I have had occasion to read most of the classics on explaining and defending Freemasonry. Now we have a single volume that treats the subject in a clear and fair fashion.Read more

Potentate’s Ball - Belhurst Castle, Geneva, New York

Spring arrived at last, at least the weather has become moderate. The Sun and still air was a welcome respite from the erratic chill of the previous months. The white-clothed tables, with just the right amount of glasses and silver and a complimentary
bottle of wine were set at each place. The large picture windows look out at the blue expanse of Seneca Lake.Read more

Upcoming Events


The Masonic year is moving fast, and before we know it Move Up Night will be here [7 May]. We have a fine group of young men getting ready to have the Degrees conferred upon them. The Entered Apprentice Degree, will be on 16 April and the Fellow Craft Degree on 18 June. We will have our Master Mason Degree this summer; the date and time will be announced on this page and in the Word. Brothers, advertisements are out for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, 7 April. Those of you who will help please come 1 ½ hours before the program starts. [First race starts at 9:30 am]Read more

Upcoming Events


As I write, your lodge is conducting an investigation for membership in our Great Fraternity; if found favorable we will be conducting the three degrees. The TB will have to be change to meet this obligation. 19 March for the Entered Apprentice Degree, 14 April for the Fellow Craft and 7 May for the Master Mason Degree.Read more